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2010 Road Trip: Day Fifty-six

Not much happened on day fifty-six. I went to the Laundromat and washed clothes. It was like a United Nations meeting. I was the only white guy there. A woman in a Sari came in with three out of control kids. They were cute as bugs but loud as auctioneers. They were jabbering the same language as auctioneers. A truck load of Mexicans were washing clothes. They switched the TV, I was watching, to a Spanish cooking show. I didn’t protest. I figured I could learn something. Two gay black guys were holding hands while they waited for the dryer to finish their clothes. My machine jammed during the rinse cycle and I called for the Chinese lady, who ran the place, to help me out. We communicated with sign language. I was exhausted when I left that place but I had learned how to cook a mean Taco watching Spanish television.

I rested most of the day and got into the live 4/8 poker game. Only one guy was getting cards. He was an aggressive player. He beat everybody including me. I lost some of the money I won yesterday. I went to the Comedy Club. The Coasters and the Supremes had just finished a dress rehearsal. They were dressed to the nines. I talked to Marie Wilson. I will attend the opening.  It was good to have a slow day for a change. I am leaving my room now to go see Dan Akyrod at a mall where he is signing Vodka sold in skull shaped bottles as a promotion gig.

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