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2010 Road Trip: Day Ten

I got a late start. I finished my house-keeping chores, caught up on my computer tasks, and hit the road at 10am. It is a 7 hour drive to Biloxi, Mississippi. I listened to my Spanish tapes for an hour. I now understand and speak five words They are si, no, olah, cervesa, and vino which is not bad for a Hungarian boy. The Spanish language is beautiful but I still don’t know if Freddie Fender is singing about making love or about knitting a sweater.

I do not like to drive in the dark. Even worse is driving in a rain storm after dark. Even worse than that, is an electrical storm with high winds. I got all three because of my late start. I white knuckled it into Boloxi at 8 pm. Lightening was flashing angry jagged bolts. It lit up the sky in a spectacular fashion. During one brilliant illumination I thought I saw the face of John Downy. John was a peg-legged bookie who used to operate in the 7th Battalion. I figured I was just getting tired and starting to see things.  My Tom Tom GPS delivered me to the Beau Rivage Hotel and Casino. It is a high end place but I stayed anyway.

The room cost $127. The storm was raging outside and didn’t want to start looking for another place to sleep. I paid the freight and walked around to check out the restaurants. They were more high end than the room rates. The price of a steak was more than my cousin got when he sold one of his cows. In the corner of the hotel was a snack bar where us peasants could eat. I ordered a chicken Caesar Salad. It was only seven bucks. I sat down at a table with 3 ladies who looked to be in my age bracket. They were life-long friends from Atlanta Georgia who liked to travel together. Two had lost their husbands and the other indicated her husband was very protective of her. I knew I was with classy people when they told me they had visited the Casbah in Morrocco. It was exciting and scary they said. I told them they were lucky they didn’t get kidnapped and sold into slavery. That sort of thing still goes on in that part of the world.

The ladies names were Susie, Betty, and Margie. I hope I have this right because it is amazing. Margie grew up in Detroit. She attended Cooley High School where she became a world class-fencer She said her favorite thrust was a low upswing which hit the gut of an opponent. They were a charming threesome. I gave them my card and I hope to hear from them.

I got into the hold-em game. It was a high end game. I could play at this level but didn’t have the cash to stand the raises. I hit the sack early and will look for a low end place to stay tomorrow.   

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