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2010 Road Trip: Day Twenty-six

Things are getting hot for me in Florida. The law is looking for me for running past those toll booths when I first got here. This morning things got worse. I inadvertently got involved in money laundering. I think it is a federal offense and I am too old to be put on a chain gang. I was rushing around getting ready for a Sunday round of golf with my son-in-law Doug.  I grabbed my dirty clothes washed them and put them in the dryer. I dressed and looked for my wallet and keys. I ran for the dryer. I opened the door and out fell my credit cards and money followed by everything else stored in my wallet. I was now a money launderer.

We played golf on a rain soaked golf course. I missed hitting my first ball by only a fraction of an inch. When my three iron hit the ground there was an explosion of mud that made me look like a coal miner going off duty. It was a miserable start. Doug shot an 83. I shot my usual xxxxx.

I drove to Cocoa Beach at mid-night to watch the space shuttle take off. It was cold, wet and windy. They waited until 4:30 am to scrub the launch. When I tried to drive back to Oviedo I was in a massive traffic jam of pissed off people. Everyone was glaring and calling each other an ace-in-the-hole. People in Florida are a strange group. I finally made it home at daybreak. I passed through Oviedo and all the roosters were crowing. It was not a good day twenty-six.

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