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2010 Road Trip: Day Forty-four

Day forty-four started with a long walk. I needed a jacket. It is still cool and cloudy here in Vegas. I skipped the morning tournament and went to the mall. I was looking for a cowboy hat and a pair of boots. Nothing hit my eye, so I will wait until I pass through Amarillo Texas on the way back home and check the stores there. I talked to my pal Jake and will visit him on Saturday. His brother Irv is staying with him, so it will be a re-union of old Southwest Detroit boys. Jake has a house trailer in Pahrump. That is the place where the Chicken Ranch, house of prostitution, didn’t pay their income taxes. The whore house is now being run by a federal government agency. For the first time in recorded history a whore house is losing money. It might be a preview of a government run health care system. Either way someone will be getting screwed.

I ended the evening at the Casino Bar having a goodnight drink. I met a young lady who is an executive with a cruise line. She was interesting to talk to. Her job gives her and her husband an opportunity to travel the world. She said, if she had a choice of places to live, not including the USA, it would be Spain. I thought maybe next year I will do a European tour. I will have to work harder on my Spanish. Tomorrow I wash clothes to get ready for my trip. I am going to California, the land of fruit and nuts, movie stars, and good people like my cousin Joe and his wife Linda.

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