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2010 Road Trip: Day Twenty

Today is a travel day. It is back to Oviedo. My radio provided my daily Spanish lesson via the CD program I bought. I learned a new word. It is amigo which means friend. I may need it when I travel west near the Mexican border. I understand it is a lawless area. I keep thinking of that Firefighter they kidnapped for ransom many years ago. If they get me, I am sure nobody will pay the demands. Hell they can’t even sell me for body parts because everything is wore out.

I did find out something interesting. They will be making the last shuttle launch at Cape Canaveral next week. I finally found an event to replace the lady coleslaw wrestling matches. I intend to be there. It will be a night launch scheduled for 4:30 AM. I wish my grand children were here to see it.

I met a Firefighter and a NASSA technician at Beef O Brady’s Saloon after I got back to Oviedo. Mike, the Tech guy, said it would be the last launch for the cape. The community organizer in the white house is shutting down the program and laying off 7000 employees. I guess he figures the money saved can best be spent on some of those welfare folks who can’t find jobs. It seems odd to get rid of jobs to give money to people who do not have jobs. He will now have 7000 more people to give money to because they do not have jobs. I never did understand the Democratic philosophy. Hopefully the working model Coleman Young set up in Detroit is not what our president hopes to achieve for America.

Not much else happened on day twenty. I do have some assigned responsibilities at my new camp.  My job is to care for Oviedo and Boogie the two pets belonging to Kathy. They are hermit crabs. I think they are a male and a female. The bigger one is always wrestling with the smaller one. They may be having sex. I don’t know. Tomorrow I will go shopping for hermit crab food. It is a real step down from the three dogs and three cats at Cookie’s place, but they say pets fit their master’s personalities. I don’t know. I haven’t seen Kathy and Doug wrestle yet.

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