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2010 Road Trip: Day Eight

I moved to the Gold Strike Casino on my second day in Tunica. That midget lady, who was staring at me last night, gave me the willies. She reminded me of those little girls, who were ghosts, in the movie the Shinning. The first time I realized she was looking at me, I checked my fly to see if it was unzipped, and then my shirt to make sure it wasn’t on inside out. Those things happen when you get older. If she shows up at the Gold Strike I am out of here.

The Gold Strike runs two freeze-out tournaments. There is a $70 buy in. I played in both. There is an afternoon and evening game. Went all in with aces wired and ran into a lady who flopped an ace high flush in the first game. Made a bad decision in the second game and went out in thirteenth place. They pay five places. The conversation at the table was lively and fun filled. A guy was complaining about his prostrate problems. He said he had to get up several times a night to pee. He said it is tough to be sixty years old.  An old timer across from him said when you get to be seventy it gets worse. Someone asked the older guy if he had trouble peeing. He said “No, I sleep all night and pee once at about 7am. I asked, “What’s so bad about that?” He told me he doesn't wake up until eight.

The casinos and hotels in Tunica are first class, but they are spaced too far apart. You have to have a car if you come here. The people are nice. The buffets are a thing to be avoided. The food is superb but it will pack on the pounds.  Last night I ate cat fish prepared two ways. I ate a stack of frog legs that would make a large mouth bass envious. I finished off with a pound of shrimp and a bunch of crayfish pirogues. I didn’t know there were hillbilly polish people.

I am in the computer coffee shop. A guy wearing a Lions baseball cap came in and we talked. He is 73 years old and he said he was at the Lion's last championship game in 1957. He told me he was wondering when the Lion’s would be champions again. He posed the question on his computer. He started to laugh. The answer came back, "Are you kidding?"

Hope all of you are doing well. It is time to take a walk to burn those calories I picked up at the buffet.

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