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2010 Road Trip: Day Thirteen

Hard to believe I have been gone from the North Pole for two weeks. When I left the temperature was 5 below zero, the snow was two feet deep, and a blizzard was raging. Moving south the weather got better. I hit a storm near the Gulf of Mexico, lots of wind, lots of rain, but nice warm temperatures. On day thirteen I nudged my golf bag out of my trunk, woke up my golf clubs, and said hello to my balls. They were glad to see me again. It was time to have some fun. We played eighteen glorious holes and I found out my game had not improved during the winter. Our foursome included my son-in-law Doug, and another attorney named Mike, and a mechanical engineer named Leo. It was an interesting group. We agreed if we hit someone with one of our drives, we were well prepared for the emergency. I would use my fire fighting skills to administer first aid, Leo would improvise a stretcher and drive the cart to the club house and Doug and Mike would prepare a lawsuit against the Winter Pines Golf Club, that might bring us enough money to stay at the Beau Rivage Casino for a couple of days.

When we finished our round of golf we went to the Green Parrott Bar to brag about our golf skills. Three in our party broke 100 and I shot a xxxx. I should have listened to my daughter Lisa and stopped in Hattiesburg, Mississippi to visit Tiger Woods, for a few tips, when I traveled through that state on the way down.  We consumed two pitchers of Killion Red beer. It was delicious. My son-in-law is a connoisseur of fine beers and I let him make the choice when we go into a saloon. We made it home and Kathy prepared Hungarian style stuffed peppers for our evening meal. After we ate I sat on the couch and nodded off. I awoke to the sound of loud snoring and the glares of Kathy and Doug who were trying to watch TV. I went to bed extra early. My over-the-hill body was rebelling against the sixteen year old spirit that was planning our activities. It has been a great adventure so far but I miss sharing it with someone. I lost my wife Jo a year ago. It has left a huge void in my life. Tomorrow I will foo-foo up and start hunting rich widows. Any suggestions on hunting rich widows will be appreciated.


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