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2010 Road Trip: Day Fourteen

My daughter and attorney husband, Doug, left yesterday for Fort Meyers. Doug has to appear at a hearing. I got up early. I enjoyed the football games yesterday, but drank too many Killion Reds. I wore a path from my bed to the bathroom during the night, so I was a little tired. It was a day to catch up on e-mail, post a new entry in “Fire Talk” and wash clothes.

It was raining hard and the TV said there were tornados in the area. I thought a fine kettle of fish this is, I finally make it to Florida and nature may cash in my ticket to paradise or to the great 5th alarm. I finished my chores and called several friends. Tomorrow I will visit Greg and Nancy Pearn and their dog Jinx.

I went to the Mall at 7am for my 40 minute walk. I figured I would start hunting for good looking widows today. None of the ladies at the Mall looked like good looking widows. I thought I was at a Tootie Fields and Kate Smith look-alike convention. My friend, Bud Lusk, says I missed my chance with that Chinese midget lady back in Tunica.  I came back to the house and loafed around the rest of the day. Kathy wasn’t here to cook, so I had a dinner of sardines, raw broccoli, and a Fuji apple. I listened to my Spanish Tapes and learned a new word. It is loco. It means crazy. Kind of like this wild road trip I am on.

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