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2010 Road Trip: Day Twenty-one

I awoke early and took the hermit crabs for a walk. I moved their aquarium across the room to another table. Boogie the larger crab stuck a leg out of his shell and I think he gave me the finger. He better watch out or I will move him near the radio and turn on some rap music. I was able to catch up with my correspondence and started surfing the internet. I found Dearborn Sausage. I wanted to send a big kielbasa to a lady friend for Valentine’s Day. After the long process of registering, to be a part of the sausage companies’ e-mail clientele, I was able to find the smoked sausage section of the website. I discovered the smallest package available was a five pound shrink-wrapped offering containing five big kielbasas. It was $19.95. It sounded like a good deal until I found out shipping would cost $25.50. I think I will just send a Valentine card with a picture of a big kielbasa.

I could not walk this morning because of the cold rain. Florida has been like Michigan in late November. I think Al Gore is full of shit with his global warming ideas. I went to the pet store to get hermit crab food. The clerk asked me what the crabs liked to eat. I didn’t know. I opted for the lobster chunks with shrimp flakes. I told the clerk the crabs haven’t complained about the food so far.

I ended the day having dinner with Kathy at the Saigon Gourmet restaurant. The sign on the door said, “OPEN SEVEN DAYS A WEEK, CLOSED ON SUNDAY.” I figured the sign was made by some government agency. A Vietnamese man runs the place. I ordered Sum-bong-yak, which is a rich meal containing mushrooms, vegetables and lobster chunks with shrimp. Kind of like the food Kathy’s pets were eating, only more expensive. The owner came out to talk to us. I couldn’t understand a word he said. It was a good conversation with a lot of nodding and smiling. Kathy spoke English, I think our host was speaking Vietnamese and I was practicing my Spanish. The meal was delicious. When we got home the hermit crabs were eating. I tapped on the cage and gave Boogie the finger. When I went to bed Boogie was wrestling with Oviedo again. It was a quiet day twenty-one.

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