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2010 Road Trip: Day Seventeen

Day seventeen turned into a normal day. I have been away from the howling wind and the swirling snow storms of the north for three weeks now. I was up early. I went with Kathy and Doug to the Kiwanis breakfast. It was an interesting morning. The members were a mix of business people, educators and folks intent on helping others. I met the lady who owned Carlos. Carlos is the dog who created the traffic jam yesterday. The meeting lasted an hour. Two speakers from Seminole State College talked about the growth of their university and the role it plays in making Oviedo a better place to live. It was a good breakfast and an interesting meeting. Everybody bought a few dollars worth of tickets for a door prize. If your number was drawn you had to putt a golf ball into a hole to win the cash. The ticket pulled out of the hat belonged to my son-in-law Doug. He whispered to me, “I will buy the drinks tonight with the prize money.”  It was a six foot shot. He missed. Damn, I thought, he didn’t miss any putts Saturday when he was betting with me at our golf outing. It was me financing the drinks that day.

Kathy took the day off work and we bummed around the town all day. We saw a movie and ate dinner at the Tim’s Fish Shack. It was a quaint little place in the center of a strip mall. Kathy told me the young guy who owned it was a hard working soul who was determined to be a success. He and his sister Mary opened another restaurant in this same location a few years ago. The theme was to create a take-out joint with free-delivery. That business failed. Young Tim started over again. His second try was to create a restaurant that served seafood.  He overcame many obstacles, including a city ordinance that did not allow putting permanent signs near the busy street at the edge of the parking lot. Tim painted a picture of a big fish, the name “Tim’s Fish Shack” and a big arrow on the side of his van. He parked right next to the busy highway. It worked. Business grew. He added a three piece walk-around band for the weekends and evenings. He combined these features with excellent service, a superb product and very reasonable prices. I highly recommend Tim’s Fish Shack when you pass though Oviedo.

My day ended with Kathy, Doug and me playing pinochle. I got a measure of revenge by winning two out of the three games. The three bucks I won will help buy beer tomorrow. I am going to visit my cousin Cookie and her husband Michael in the morning.  Day seventeen was a quiet relaxing day.

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