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2010 Road Trip: Day Six

Day six will be a day of rest, a time to catch up on my e-mail, wash my clothes, and get things in order for the next leg of my journey.  It has been fun so far. I looked up Chuck Berry on his website. He lives in Wentzville, Mo. which is only a few miles from where I am staying. Chuck is 84 years old and he still puts on a dynamite show. He appears once a month at the Blueberry Hill nightclub in downtown St. Louis. The shows are sold out as soon as the tickets go on sale. I really wanted to see him but I guess I will have to try on my return trip.

I did have a little sadness creep into my journey.  My plans were, to go to Los Angles to visit a lady, who is a dear friend. We were kids together, way back in the 50s. I spent time with Sylvia when she was in Michigan for a high school reunion. We have been communicating by telephone over the last few years. The conversations have been full of laughs and fun. Sylvia is a happy person and our personalities blend well. She promised to take me to Catalina Island when I got to L.A.  About a week ago I called. She sounded stressed and said her nurse was there, so she could not talk. I called again the next day and she said she was not able to talk. I called yesterday and she picked up the phone and put it down, ending the call. I am worried about her but I cannot find out what is going on. I fear the worst.

I have enjoyed being in the St Louis area. The people are friendly. The side roads are a bit scary. They have a built up grade with no shoulders. If you stray 18 inches off the road you end up in the ditch or worse.  It may have something to do with the flooding from the Mississippi River, which is close by. I haven’t had a drink in a week. I am looking forward to Tunica and the wild side of life. I can usually stand about two days of that life style. Maybe they have line dancing there.  We shall see.

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