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2010 Road Trip: Day Fifty-four

Diet shmiet my kids are in town, so open the gates and we will eat our way through Vegas. I love good food and Sharon and Brian have taken me to dinner twice now. The last meal was the best. We ate at Maggiano’s Little Italy located on the strip across from the Wynn Casino. We met one of Brian’s friends and it became a fun afternoon. His name is Leon Benson. He and Brian are birds of a feather. They are interesting, intelligent, full-of-fun guys. It was a pleasure to be with them. Leon knew about the wonderful food served at Maggiano’s and helped order our meal. I must say he has excellent taste. Here is what we ordered.


Calamari Fritte


Caesar salad and a Chopped salad


Veal and mushroom ravioli al forno
Chicken pesto linguni
Chicken and spinach manicotti
Garlic shrimp linguini


Chocolate Zuccuto cake
Apple crostada

It took three hours to eat lunch. My days of eating at Wal-Mart and grazing at Costco’s will never be the same. The food at Maggiano’s was like taking cocaine. I will probably chase that food high forever.

This morning before starting this blog, I went to the spa to work out on the treadmill. It will take a month of walking to shed the calories I took in yesterday. I was looking for Phyllis, the school teacher, to talk to. I found a hard bodied young man running full speed on the machine next to mine. I walked at my tortoise pace for 30 minutes and this guy never slowed down. When he paused for a break I asked him if he was a professional athlete. He was built like a pro corner back. He told me he was a fighter pilot based in the Vegas area. His grandfather was a volunteer Firefighter in up-state New York. He said he loved the Fire Department and as a kid would get to ride the fire apparatus with his grand pa. Those of you following this blog can see a pattern emerging. Whenever I talk to people I find a Firefighter connection. I thanked him for being in the service and protecting us. I told him I knew several NYFD men involved in the 911 disaster. I told him I have a special affinity for the men and women who fly combat missions. Burned into my memory is the loss of 343 brother Firefighters at the World Trade Center. I told him I will never forget the TV news coverage showing the first combat plane catapulting off a carrier in the Indian Ocean. It was carrying a message. Painted on a rocket on the wing tip of that first fighter plane were the words… “Compliments of the New York Fire Department”. It made me proud to be an American.

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