Trail of the Firewriter… 2010 Road Trip: Day Four

I hit the jackpot on day four. I went down to the Mid River Mall at 7AM to take my 40 minute walk. I am trying to lose a few pounds before I head for Florida and West Texas. I am stomping determinedly through the mall when I hear music. It is country western music. Waylon and Willie are letting loose with some heavy duty cowboy stuff. I am on the second floor, so I move to the center of the building and stop at a balcony overlooking an open area full of old codgers. There is an even mix of men and women. They are spaced out from each other and they are line dancing. A beer belly wearing a cowboy hat and cowboy boots is facing them giving direction.  They are exercising like I am, but they are having fun. As the tunes change, some of them start dancing together. I can hardly believe it. It isn't even 9AM and there is a party going on in the mall. Old Captain Bob better hustle on down and introduce himself. A couple of those gals are pretty good looking. I look for a stairway.  The nearest one is at the far end of the mall. Moving quickly as I can, I head for those far-away stairs. I am flushed and puffing when I get to the far end of the mall. I can hear Tanya Tucker belting out a juicy love song. At the stairwell is a sign, “please use alternate stairs, site under construction.” It is a good half mile to the other end of the mall. The elevators and escalators are not operating this early in the morning. I take off as fast as my sleek body will allow. I go by the balcony area and hear Conway Twitty singing, “It's Only Make Believe.” I glance down and see that good looking blond lady with a Dolly Parton chest dancing alone. It takes another five minutes to reach the opposite end of the building. Before I can race downstairs I find a huge crowd of second graders and their teachers slowly moving downward. I feel like jumping off the balcony. Another five minutes and I finally get by the crowd of mini people. I can't hear the music anymore. I hurry down to the dancing area. Almost everybody has vanished into thin air. The only ones left are a few Marjory Main looking gals, a 300 pounder and the beer belly. He introduces himself as Al Parsons. He says he lost his wife a few years back and was looking for something to do. He started line dancing. He now moves around the area teaching and doing free dances at the malls. He told me it is great fun and he gets to meet a lot of fine ladies. I ask him how I can get involved. Tomorrow he is holding a three hour beginner's session at the church, only a few blocks from my daughter Lisa's house. I think I hit the jackpot, but we will see what tomorrow brings. I hope Marjory Main and that big lady don't show up. I am hoping to dance with Dolly Parton.

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