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2010 Road Trip: Day Eighteen

Day eighteen was cool. I left Oviedo early. It was a 2 hour trip to Palm City. I wanted to stop at Cocoa Beach to check it out for pretty widows. It is a beautiful area with a fantastic beach. I combined my 40 minute walk with my widow hunting chores. The only thing I found on the beach was a short skinny legged bird with a long sharp beak. He followed me the whole length of my walk. I would take long strides with my fat legs and he would move those shinny little legs a mile-a-minute to keep up. He was poking his beak in the sand and eating a free meal.  I ate lunch at Jack Baker’s Lobster Shack, it cost me twenty-three bucks. The scallops and crab stuffed shrimp tickled my taste buds. It was a great sea food restaurant.

I pulled into Cookie’s and Michael’s place around five o’clock. We hugged and I was introduced to three cats and three dogs. They were a happy group.  Cookie served Hungarian chicken and dumplings, it was the best meal I have had on the trip. I deferred the carrot cake till morning. We enjoyed a few drinks and caught up on old times. Her father, my uncle Joe, was my favorite uncle. I could see his wonderful spirit in Cookie. My hosts were interesting adventurous people who made their lives successful by living a fun lifestyle. At one point, in their twenties, they bought a sailboat and traveled the Caribbean for two years. After that great adventure they plugged back into the mainstream. Cookie opened a law practice. Michael sold high end real estate. They now live on an inland waterway near Stewart Florida. The place has everything you can think of for entertainment. We ended up that evening in a area called The Pirate’s Cove. There is a saloon there, called “The Pirate’s Loft” where the charter captains, tourists, and the locals mixed freely. A disk jockey in a fedora, with flashing lights on his headband, played all kinds of music and the place was rocking with dancers. In the mix were some older guys with yachts parked outside the bar. It was a good mix of rich, poor, young and old. There was a fascinating blond lady who danced with three old rich guys. She danced all night long. The older guys had to take a break and take turns. It was all in good fun.  We joined in to sing YMCA, arm waving and all, and it was time for bed. It was good to be with Cookie and Michael and enjoy such a fun time. I am looking forward to tomorrow.

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