Trail of the Firewriter…
2010 Road Trip: Day Nine

The weather is getting warmer. No more snow. The area around the casinos is flat verdant farm land. This is the heart of the cotton belt. Two hundred years ago the fields were full of slaves. Today the descendants of those slaves are working in the hotels and casinos of Tunica. I asked a tall black security guard why it seemed most of the black men in this area were so big. He said most had slave ancestors and he was sure the plantation owners didn’t buy no little four foot slaves.

Played in two more hold-em tournaments today. I know I can beat these guys but the cards have been atrocious.   Tunica has been a black-hole for my gambling endeavors. The fun part of poker is meeting people. I find the local folks to be gracious and polite. It gives one a real sense of southern hospitality. These people of the south are a strong race. They must have been tigers to fight against in the civil war.

I notice there are a lot of widowers hanging around. The guy with the Lion’s cap was one; he lost his wife three years ago and was traveling around like I was.

I sat next to an 80 year old guy in the buffet. We chatted. He was retired from a steel business he owned in Memphis. He said his kids were bugging him to settle down and stay home. He said the kids were afraid he was blowing their money at the casinos. He laughed and said they were right and he enjoyed blowing their money.

Tomorrow is day 10. I will be on my way to the gulf coast. I plan to try my luck in Biloxi.   

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