Moe Tales

A 5th Battalion veteran sent the following story:

Ladder 22 sits adjacent to the 6th precinct of the Detroit Police Department. A rookie Firefighter was to stand his first night watch. The members of Ladder 22 told him every conceivable story they could think of about Moe. One of the men even alerted the police post next door that a prank would occur during the night. It turned out to be a horrible night for the trial man. One of the guys had a hideous mask of a burned man and during the night would peer in the window of the fire house and let out a scream. The startled fearful rookie stood his ground with bulging eyes at the watch desk clutching his baseball bat. Moe never came into the building but the trial man knew he was out there somewhere.

In the morning the kid told his wild stories to the guys at the breakfast table. When his relief man came in the rookie was out the door in a flash. He jumped into his car and as he put it in gear, Moe jumped in the car with him. The trial man was out of the car in a flash and ran into the Fire House. Moe jumped out of the car but the car continued toward the street unattended. The kid came screaming into the kitchen yelling that he had just been assaulted by Moe. Everyone ran to the window just in time to see the car crash into some bushes across the street. All the men agreed that there was no Moe to be seen. The truth is the Moe impersonator ran around the back of the building to hide. A policeman coming on duty at the 6th precinct saw Moe run behind the building. The cop was not aware of the prank. He drew his pistol and ordered Moe to get on the ground. It took the prankster several minutes to talk his way out of the predicament. He was lucky no shots were fired. When the trial man was asked later if he was mad about the prank he replied, ā€œIā€™m glad it was just a joke.ā€

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