A POEM: When Brave Men Cry

I think it is appropriate to end this year with a poem written by a retired Firefighter. It honors those we have lost and points out why we are Firefighters. This was written by retired Detroit Firefighter Tom Hart who now is a Chaplin for the Volunteer Fire Dept. in Cut-N-Shoot Texas. I wish all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Into the bowels of hell these brave ones go.
To save the lives of those they do not know.
Guided by training and camaraderie while overcoming fear
They dare to go with only Guardian Angels near

Through the smoke and gases too
They fight their fears when looking for you
A life to save is their primary task
Think of them with kindness is all they ask

The Cross of Malta is their chosen crest
Love of another is the required test
First to respond when all spells gloom
They won’t quit though it could be their own doom

These Firefighters have seen so much
Burned and broken bodies, death, destruction, and such
They go back for more each and every day
Because it’s the lives they save that makes them stay

All for one and one for all
You go – I go is their call
And in their quest, when some do fall
The rest stand strong- still giving their all

The loss of a family member does take its toll
Cuts to the quick, down deep in your soul
Heroes forever, when they die
And that is when "BRAVE MEN CRY"

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