A Gentle Landing

This old Firefighter now writes books. It is a challenging occupation. Not as challenging as my last job, which was commanding a busy fire company in the city of Detroit, but still a pretty demanding way to keep a person busy. The writing culture is full of interesting people. I was fortunate to meet Penny Sansevieri who, like an experienced fire chief, has shown me how to get around safely in Literature Land. Penny is part of the leadership of "Author Marketing Experts, Inc."  I highly recommend  aspiring writers to follow the advice given in AME’s newsletter. To get a copy  go to subscribe@marketingexpert.com. I want to pass on a passage from Penny’s last newsletter which made me think about the dangers and uncertainty of the fire fighting profession. I believe it is appropriate for the last "Fire Talk." of the year. It comes from the book, "What I Learned on the Way Down," by Jac Flanders.

"Not knowing what's coming next is New Year's secret ingredient. We can't imagine - so we party - usually the biggest and loudest of the year. We cover our anxiety with a lover's kiss at the stroke of midnight, blow a paper frizzy thing at each other and drink champagne. We leap into the new year like base jumpers and sky divers, not knowing for sure who packed the chute. As the televised thousands cheer in Times Square and the crystal ball of lights blazes overhead, we look for someone to hold on to, someone we trust, someone who loves us. We close our eyes and pray for a gentle landing."

I am wishing all of you a Happy New Year and a gentle landing in the coming year.

Stay safe my brothers and sisters.



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