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Over the last few months we have been talking about the fun side of being a Firefighter. I want to change gears and speak about the dangers involved in our profession. Each of you, both active and retired, know the area you work in. Being aware of the hazards in your Battalion may well save your life one day. The 7th Battalion, where I worked, was a mix of industry, small businesses, and dwellings. The major industries included the Marathon oil refinery, 3 General Motors auto production facilities, an assortment of foundries and metal working shops. There was a paper mill with acid storage, and a large sewage treatment plant with huge quantities of chlorine on site. The battalion was bordered by the Detroit River and the Rouge River. We had responsibility for fires on ships and barges moving through our area. There was a soap factory that used naphtha in their processing and a salt mine that was almost a mile below the surface of the city. The Ambassador Bridge was on our eastern boundary. Mixed into this industrial conglomeration were homes, offices, schools, and small businesses. A major interstate highway cut through the area. There were also several railroads that moved cargo for the manufacturing facilities. We also had old Fort Wayne and two Edison power plants. To say our plate was full of hazards would be understating the matter.

Over the next month or so I will speak of some of the fire incidents that occurred in the 7th Battalion. Any of you who may want to add your experiences can e-mail me at .

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