Training Day

The first story in Cop Talk will be an excerpt from my book, Catching the Stoma Lady. It is based on fact but the names have been changed to protect those involved.

School started with a bang. Hand-to-hand combat was the first big test for the new cadets. One of the instructors was a five foot four two hundred pound woman who looked like a man without whiskers. The cadets secretly called her the Dominator. She was the martial arts instructor. She took special pride in working over the men in the class.

Bobby was her special target, and he became number one on the Dominator’s shit list after their first encounter.

“I need a volunteer.”

Nobody wanted to be first. Of the fifty cadets, not a one of them would make eye contact with Sgt. Dominator.

“Okay, I get to pick the first victim. Cadet Toth, get your ass up here,” she ordered.

The class let out a relieved sigh as Bobby marched up to the matted area where hand-to-hand combat was performed.

“Cadet Toth reporting as ordered Sergeant,” Bobby said in a loud voice as he gave a snappy salute.

Bobby was six feet tall and towered over the short chunky martial arts instructor. He didn’t know what to expect but he had the feeling Sgt. Dominator intended to embarrass him. She ordered him to take an offensive stance and hit her in the mouth. She already had her arms and hands positioned in a Bruce Lee karate defensive posture.

“Come on, white boy, give me your best shot.”

Bobby studied his opponent for a moment then sprang into action. Instead of throwing an expected overhand right hook he drove a quick stiff left jab right into Sgt. Dominator’s left eye.

Down she went with a crash, as her ass hit the mat. She sat there with a surprised look on her face. The class roared their approval and started to clap. It was not a good start for Bobby. He would pay for this small victory many times over before he was out of the Academy.

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