Cop Talk 9:  The Rookie Years

Bobby Cop confronts problems in his rookie years, This is his story about an incident in the Cass Corridor.

One of my first days on the job, this loony guy motioned me over. Like the rookie I was, I rushed over to help him out. He explained the hardships he was having and asked for any change I could spare him. I tried to reason with him and explain his options. We talked for about ten minutes and I couldn’t get away from the guy. I was walking a beat and he followed me. What a mistake. Over the next week he would lay in wait and tie me up whenever he could. This went on for some time, so I decided to turn it around on him. The next day when I saw him I rushed up to him. Told him my wife had left me the night before and I was distraught. I didn’t know how I would cope. She was suing me and I was broke. I asked If he had any change so I could get lunch. He tried to walk away but I followed him, actually faking some sobbing. He bolted out the door and began trotting away. The next day I saw him. We spotted each other at the same exact moment. He was on the second floor of a building and I would have to get upstairs to catch him. By the time I made it up the escalator he was gone. Boy was I learning. It was part of the seasoning process for Bobby Cop.

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